Peruvian Hearts Fundraising

I’m raising funds for me next trip to photograph the young women of the
not-for-profit organization, Peruvian Hearts.

See my page on GoFundMe here.

In 2014, through Photographers Without Borders, I worked in Peru on behalf of Peruvian Hearts, a registered, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives and futures of girls in and around the Cusco/Sacred Valley of Peru.

My job was to photograph the girls of the program and how Peruvian Hearts was making a difference in their lives.

The project changed my life.

I saw girls from orphanages and girls from extreme poverty being given the gift of empowerment and education — not something afforded to most in some of the poorest areas of Peru.

Girls who at best could hope to become functionally literate were now in university studying accounting, nursing, business management, archeology, obstetrics and much more. As I was introduced to these amazing young women it occurred to me that these women represent thousands and thousands of girls who dream of getting a proper education in Peru.

I knew I had to do more.

My goal is to return to Cusco and work alongside Peruvian Hearts with these girls, not only photographing their journeys, but to help as an experienced college level educator and professional communicator.

But I can’t do it alone. I need your help. More importantly, the girls need your help.

I’m looking to raise this money to help offset my costs of traveling to Peru and the purchase of much needed necessities for the girls such as multi-vitamins and school supplies.

Any amount helps. On behalf of myself, Peruvian Hearts and all the girls you’ll help, gracias!

For more information on Peruvian Hearts and what they do, please visit their website at